Celebrity Home: Where Does Braydon Price Live?

where does braydon price live
where does braydon price live

Celebrity Home: Where Does Braydon Price Live?

Now that you know where does braydon price live, it’s time to explore the celebrity home. How does one end up living in a place like this? And more importantly, how do you get a chance to live in a home like this yourself? Braydon Price is known for his extravagant homes, and he isn’t the only celebrity with one. In fact, there are plenty of folks out there who would love to live in a home like this. But getting your hands on a property like this is no easy task. And even if you do manage to snag a property like this, you’ll need to be prepared for all the maintenance and upkeep that goes along with it. So where does Braydon Price live? Read on to find out!

Braydon Price’s Childhood Home

Braydon Price was born in Hamilton, Ontario on July 10, 1992. His family moved to Edmonton when he was young and Braydon developed an interest in skating. He began skating at the age of four and competed in a number of regional competitions before making the cut to join the Canadian Junior National Team. Braydon made his senior international debut at the age of eighteen and has since gone on to represent Canada at multiple world championships and Olympic Games.

In 2013, BraydonPriceTV debuted on The Comedy Network. The show follows Braydon as he attempts to balance his hockey career with being a father to two young boys, aged five and one year old. In addition to hosting his own show, Braydon also provides commentary for Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts.

Braydon’s childhood home is located in southeast Edmonton near Sherwood Park. The home has been listed for sale by its current owner since 2017 and is expected to sell within the next few weeks.

Braydon Price’s Relationship with His Family

Braydon Price’s relationship with his family is one of the key aspects of his life. A large family and he loves spending time with them. He has five siblings and he is close to all of them. Braydon Price also has a huge extended family, which includes many cousins and grandparents. He regularly visits them all and they are a major part of his life. Braydon Price also enjoys spending time with his fiancee, Whitney Robertson. They have been dating for several years and are very happy together.

Braydon Price spends a lot of time at home in his house in Ontario, Canada. He loves to relax there and spend time with his family. Braydon Price also likes to travel occasionally, but he prefers to stay closer to home these days. He is really enjoying living in Canada right now because it is such a peaceful country and it is great for raising children.

Where Does Braydon Price Live Now?

Braydon Price, who was kicked out of the house by his parents at 15 and now stars on A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty, lives in a $2 million mansion just outside of Atlanta. The Texas native bought the property in 2013 and has since remodeled it into a sprawling palatial estate complete with an indoor pool, basketball court, and horse stable.

Price confirms that he did not inherit any money from his family’s business-producing dynasty, instead opting to pursue a career in professional hunting. After making a name for himself on Duck Dynasty, he has since starred in his own series on A&E and is currently working on another project. He also maintains a large social media following which he uses to share photos of his lavish lifestyle with fans.

How Does Braydon Price Spend His Time?

Braydon Price is a Canadian actor and singer. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Braydon Price’s home is a luxurious mansion that he shares with his wife. The property includes an indoor pool, a spa, a theater, and many other amenities. Braydon Price reportedly spends most of his time at home relaxing or working on new music projects.

What Kind of House Does Braydon Price Have?

Braydon Price, an actor and singer, owns a sprawling estate in the Hollywood Hills. The $4 million property is spread out over 6 acres and includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, pool, theater, ballroom and a private airstrip. Price also has a home in the UK.


In this article, we are going to take a look at where Canadian country singer and TV personality Braydon Price lives. Braydon Price is best known for his work on the show ‘The Price is Right.’ He has had several number one singles in Canada, and his album ‘Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes’ was certified Platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. We were curious about where he lived so we took a trip down memory lane and found out that Braydon Price resides in Southern California!