Big Chungus Space Jam 2: Out Of This World

Big Chungus Space Jam 2
Big Chungus Space Jam 2

Big Chungus Space Jam 2: Out Of This World

It’s no secret that we love movies. In fact, there’s a good chance you love movies too. And if you do, then you know that sometimes the best movie experiences come when you go out of your comfort zone and watch something unexpected. That’s why we wanted to share with you our top pick for the best movie experience of the year so far. Big Chungus Space Jam 2: Out Of This World. If you’re a fan of the original Big Chungus Space Jam movie.

Then you will love this follow-up. Not only does it keep the same clever humor and outrageous action sequences. But it also introduces an all-new cast of characters that will have you laughing until your stomach hurts. Plus, it’s just plain weird – in a good way – which is what makes it such a fun watch. So whether you want to laugh your butt off or just take a break from reality. Make sure to check out Big Chungus Space Jam 2: Out Of This World this year!

What is Big Chungus Space Jam 2?

Space Jam 2 is a 2017 American adventure comedy film directed by David Silverman and written by Joe Kelly and Michael McCullers. The film stars Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony. The new additions are Dwayne Johnson and Jamie Foxx. Loosely based on the 1996 Warner Bros. animated film Space Jam. It is the sequel to the 2007 film Space Jam.

The film was announced in January 2015 and was released on June 27, 2017, by Warner Bros. Pictures. Upon its release, it was met with mixed to negative reviews from critics. However, box office revenue was higher than that of the original movie.

Plot Summary

Fans of the 1994 classic film, “Space Jam,” will be excited. Learn about a new project in development called Big Chungus Space Jam. This new movie is being produced by Justin Lin and is set to take place in the same universe as the original film.

The story follows Stan Smith, who has to team up with his old nemesis. Bugs Bunny, to save his home planet from an alien threat. Along the way, they’ll have to outwit some of the most iconic characters. The original movie Included Michael Jordan and The Looney Tunes gang.

Big Chungus Space Jam is scheduled to be released in 2019. So expect more updates on this exciting project soon!


1. If you’re of a certain age, then chances are you remember the 1988 blockbuster film, Space Jam. The movie was about an alien basketball team (the Monsters). Who comes to Earth to compete in a game against the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls? Of course, the true heroes are the Jumpman and his friends. Who use their skills and athletic abilities to defeat the evil aliens.

Fast forward more than 20 years and astronomers have discovered a real-life version of the Monsters. They’re called pulsars. They’re extremely strange objects that emit pulses of radio waves. What makes them so unusual is that they rotate incredibly rapidly. Much faster than any other object in our galaxy!

This fascinating discovery was made by a team of astronomers lead by Dr. David J. Thompson from Brigham Young University in Utah. Their research was published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters this week (8/9/16).

According to Thompson’s team, these rapid rotations could be responsible for some pretty weird phenomena observed around these mysterious objects. For example, researchers have found that pulsars can be used as navigational stars for spacecraft journeying through space! Additionally. They can also act as “lighthouses” for detecting gravitational waves. The elusive ripples in space-time were predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity.


I have to say, I was very excited about Big Chungus Space Jam 2. After all, the first movie was one of my favorite childhood movies. But sadly, it didn’t meet my high standards. The jokes just weren’t funny enough for me. In some cases, they were downright offensive. For those of you who are still interested in seeing the film. I would advise against doing so. It’s not worth your time or money.
However, if you’re looking for a hilarious and weird movie experience. Then Big Chungus Space Jam 2 is definitely the movie for you!